Circus Vargas, the BIG ONE is BACK!
the Entertainment Experience for 2024!

Children of ALL ages! A show beyond compare, guaranteed to excite and delight audiences of all ages! Jubilé! An Epic World Celebration! Different cultures and nationalities, joining hand in hand, coming together to entertain, laugh, live, love and celebrate as one!

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The Circus Vargas Show

It's more than just entertainment it’s an adventure a family tradition! Buy your tickets now for family memories that will last a lifetime!

Circus Vargas

Family Entertainment

  • Two hour family friendly show.

  • Delicious food and drinks available.

  • Fun for children of all ages!

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Circus Vargas Tickets

  • Tickets starting from $25

  • VIP tickets available.

  • Senior and military discount available.

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Circus Vargas

Extraordinary Circus Experience

  • An unforgettable extravaganza !

  • In town for a limited time only.

  • Critically acclaimed.

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Critically acclaimed

Circus Vargas was chosen as the best circus in San Diego California by!

It was my kids first circus and let me tell you, it's an experience they will never forget!

George H.Yelp

The performances were amazing, I ended up more excited than my three-year old. Awesome first circus experience for her. Would totally go again!

Arielle B.Yelp

This show was absolutely amazing. It was really fun for the whole family. There were no animals, but lots of cool acts. I would definitely watch it again, and I definitely recommend it. It is affordable and fun for ALL ages.

Casey G.Yelp

Want to fill like a big kid again? If so, you have to check out Circus Vargas! This was my first time at Circus Vargas and I have to say I would definitely go again if I could!

Porsche C.Yelp

World Class Acts

Daring feats of courage and breath taking beauty.

Family Fun

A very entertaining show for children of all ages!

Thrills and Laughs

Stay on the edge of your seat.