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Critically acclaimed

Circus Vargas was chosen as the best circus in San Diego California by!

“A surreal but sobering show. I was amazed. What stars! Incredible talent. Definitely come out and support the show. The bmx bikers were wild. 10/10 super awesome event”

Lexi B.
Berkeley, CA
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“Circus Vargas is beyond amazing! It is difficult to pick my favorite act because they were all so good. Each performer is an exceptional athlete, even the clown!! The show includes slap stick humor, audacious acts, and a touch of music. Bravo to the whole Circus Vargas team”

Marcia A.
Modesto, CA
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“Driving past sightseeing and saw the circus tent. Hung a u-turn and bought tickets. My car mate had never seen a circus!! This show does not disappoint. Totally enjoyable. Amazing acts. It was two hours of thrills and laughs. Animal-free but the performances won’t leave you wanting”

Iama W.
Altadena, CA
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“Awesome show and great performances. I am a huge fan of cirque de soleil and this was equally as entertaining for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend you plan a visit when they come to town.”

Iri M.
Atascadero, CA
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“Our 4 kids have never been to a circus because we are opposed to training/torturing animals for human entertainment. If you also prefer sexy pirates to miserable captive elephants with an authentic big top circus atmosphere Circus Vargas is a good one! Honestly, as entertaining as the several Circ Du Soleil we have shelled out $$$$ for. ”

Cori G.
Salinas, CA
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“Thank you circus Vargas for a wonderful afternoon the show was very entertaining I will return the next time you’re in town again thank you”

Ann Marie T.
Grover Beach, CA
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“Not what I expected. Took my family and this show was brilliant. Unbelievable talent. They even took time at the end to take pics with their fans. They are a class act.”

Robert J.
Morro Bay, CA
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“Amazing experience, I was a bit skeptical about going due to size (from the outside) but we were very impressed by the entire show, keeps you entertained from begining to end. Worth every penny!!!”

Jimmy N.
San Francisco, CA
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“My wife and I saw the show in Escondido tonight and we can’t say enough about this amazing group of performers!! So talented and personable, the show was amazing!!”

Chris K.
San Diego, CA
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Critically acclaimed

Circus Vargas was chosen as the best circus in San Diego California by!

It was my kids first circus and let me tell you, it's an experience they will never forget!

George H.Yelp

The performances were amazing, I ended up more excited than my three-year old. Awesome first circus experience for her. Would totally go again!

Arielle B.Yelp

This show was absolutely amazing. It was really fun for the whole family. There were no animals, but lots of cool acts. I would definitely watch it again, and I definitely recommend it. It is affordable and fun for ALL ages.

Casey G.Yelp

Want to fill like a big kid again? If so, you have to check out Circus Vargas! This was my first time at Circus Vargas and I have to say I would definitely go again if I could!

Porsche C.Yelp